Becoming a Master Naturalist

Last year I decided to try something completely different…I became a Texas Master Naturalist. I know, it surprised me t00! I enjoyed each and every one of the classes, which included topics from Archaeology to Laws, Regulations and Ethics. All of the speakers were experts in their field and so passionate about the subject and teaching everyone, it made for a wonderful learning experience.

What is a Naturalist? Heck, I wondered the same thing myself. I decided to take the plunge to help educate my clients and it was actually some of my incredible clients that got me involved in taking the classes. Have I mentionedĀ  lately, what amazing clients I’ve had over my fourteen years as a real estate agent? Okay, so basically a Naturalist is a person who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, literally and to do so we learn about, then educate others about plant and animal species by being a volunteer. What interested me is that there are so many projects a person can become involved in, from planting gardens at local parks to educating school children about nature. Nothing better than putting down the electronics and getting out to see all that nature has to offer. I did a Top Ten Presentation about Texas Native Plants and I learned so much and am certainly available for speaking at your next event! Ha! No, really! I love to share my presentation anytime.

The chapter I belong to is named after Gideon Lincecum, an internationally known botanist, who began his life learning from the Choctaw Nation. He discovered Indian herbal medicine and ended up transferring that knowledge into a botanic system. In 1935, he traveled from Mississippi to Texas, the outdoor techniques he studied with Native Americans came in quite useful. He ended up settling in Washington County, near Yegua Creek on land he paid seventy five cents an acre for and called it Long Point. It was there he began to study everything fromĀ  birds and plants to the weather. Do look him up, he’s was one delightful human being.

In the next few weeks, I will be briefly writing about my experience becoming a Texas Master Naturalist, so stay turned, it will be interesting and but of course, fun!

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