The Dixie Motel

The Dixie Motel

The Dixie Motel

One of the best parts about real estate, is that you never know where the road may lead. And I don’t mean because I’m directionally challenged, aka I can get lost in a neighborhood, but rarely on a back country road. Hopefully, this doesn’t put fear in potential buyers.

The road to the Dixie Motel is off of Main Street and the vintage, lighted sign directs you to one of Brenham’s iconic places. When I noticed it came on the market, I thought interesting. Then, a phone call from a friend took me all the way down to the Dixie Motel where we met Mrs. Patel, a truly remarkable woman. She and her husband had owned and run this motel for over thirty years, the last few since her husband’s pasting, it’s been all Mrs. Patel. They raised two daughters in the motel, who of course had to pitch in to keep the business going.

One thing led to another and low & behold my friends are now the proud new owners, ready to breath new life into a Brenham landmark.
It was destiny, when the wife purchased a vintage 60’s Dixie Motel postcard for her husband for Valentine’s Day.

After closing, we were invited to a lunch to celebrate the sale with the Patel’s and their extended family. They served us authentic Indian cuisine, featuring:

Bhel puri – puffed rice with potatoes onions beans and lots of different sauces

Samosa chat – fried potato samosa with a curried chic peas on top

Pani puri – little fried puffs with potatoes, onions, beans inside and you added the mint water to it

Jalebi – fried orange colored dessert

Special Thank you to Amu Patel for sending me the names and decriptions of the foods.

It was so delicious and exciting to eat foods I’ve never eaten before, believe me, it won’t be the last time. Mrs. Patel’s daughters told us stories about their memories growing up at the motel. I learned the majority of their family owned motels all through Texas and had raised their families in the same way, One of the uncles is a deli owner, yum.

They are all very close knit and believe in taking care of each other, which I truly admire. Mrs. Patel has moved in with one of her daughters and has planned her retirement accordingly, asking for a little business to run. I am sure it won’t embarrass her it I tell you, she’s in her 70’s. Getting to know her through this transaction was very enlightening to me. She treated myself and my buyers with such kindness and respect. And I certainly hope she felt the same way, because I know she was going through a process of letting go in order to move forward. She touched my heard and I will never forget her.

Now, the Dixie Motel is set to move forward with a nod to the past and a heart for the future.

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