Being Thankful

Being thankful everyday. My biggest thanks is to my parents, without their guidance, love and support, I won’t be the person I am today. That includes being a horse girl from day one, which included my Dad hauling a rather cankerous Shetland pony a long distance to present it to me as a gift. Cricket she was called and I guess looking back, I have to thank her too. As many things she did to me, oh let’s see kick, bite, buck, step on, well I could go on for a while, I still loved her. She taught me no matter what is thrown at you, in her case literally, keep your chin up and keep shoveling! Ha. I do have to admit something here in her defense, when she came to me we snapped a photo together. My arm around her head, me with my blue cat eye glasses her with a beautiful blonde forelock. I must have thought in my seven year old mind that she indeed needed a trim, so in yet another photograph, same lovingly arm around her, but this time forelock cut straight across and a very unpleasant look in her eye. She was not a fashion forward pony.

I could type for days about horses I’ve loved and learned from, but today, I’d like to just say how lucky and thankful I am to have landed in Chappell Hill some thirty two years ago. To live in a home I truly hug that was built in 1893. I am thankful for the carpenters who took such care to craft this special place, I call home. To have learned so much history about Chappell Hill from our museum, is a special treat. To have met the delightful Nate and Judy Winfield who shared with me their wonderful memories, photos and memorabilia of the early days of this unique piece of Texas. All Our Yesterdays, a Brief History of Chappell Hill is a book they both penned and is truly a step back to understand and relive the early days of the past. Pick it up today for yourself or pass it on as a gift.
So, go out today and dog gone it be thankful!

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