My Three C’s to Home Staging

Staging is one of the keys to getting your house sold in a timely manner. I created a method called the three C’s, which are clean, color and clutter.
Number one clean, should be self explanatory, but alas it is not. You will want to make sure everything is perfectly clean from the garage to each and every bathroom. This does include the outside too. Do this, walk out away from your house, then turn around and give it a good look. Do you think you would buy it? Clean out the flowerbeds and replant some colorful new flowers. Keep the yard mowed, edged and leaves raked. Smell goes hand and hand with clean, having a control on the odor is a very important element too. I’ve had buyers turn on their heels and head right out the door, with just one whiff.

Color…if you have some wild ones going on in the house, paint is an inexpensive fix. It can and will change the whole feel of a house. Say you have a themed room, once upon a time your favorite football team was the Minnesota Vikings and that encouraged you to paint a room purple and gold. Buy some paint! I do speak with some experience, I had to wear a purple bridesmaid dress, because of the Vikings, the groom’s favorite football team. Needless to say, I looked like Barney with a bow instead of a tail coming down the aisle. Gosh, let’s get back to color, honestly I’ve seen crazy colors scare even the most brawny man.

Clutter, I believe I’ve kept the most important for last. First of all, when we as realtors photograph your place it’s very telling. When a room is packed with too much, it shows on photos, which is what the general public will see on the Internet. Play a little game I like to call like it or spike it, heck you might find some good items to re gift. You’re moving, so have a garage sale and/or rent a storage unit. You want to de personalize by removing personal photos, books and that collection of ceramic otters. Buyers need to be able to move around freely and imagine their belongings in the house. Clearing the clutter does include outside, the garage and front and back porches.

Just a little time and work will make your house shine and buyers smile. Good luck.

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