Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my blog. This is my first entry, pretty exciting!
In the weeks to come I will be discussing the world of real estate, Donna style.

Never thought my life would take me into this world, but here I am and loving it, well most of the time. Ha!

Once upon a time a gal became a real estate agent. She felt well equiped since her background including being an animal technician, polo
horse trainer and stand-up comedian. The comedy, I’ve come to realize has served me very well in real estate. In the weeks to come that will become very clear.

I can say, being a realtor is very rewarding. Not only to I get to see fabulous properties and homes I’d never be allowed on without someone screaming, security, security, but I’ve met the most fascinating people.

That is truly what being a realtor is all about, relationships, building and nuturing them. Whether a person is buying or selling, it’s a life changing experience. It’s extremely gratifying to me to be a part of a life change for people.

So, saddle up and get ready for some fun, tall tales and some useful information along the way.

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